Gradually (1984-2006), the engineering-geology suite was inherited by chemistry research. Little of the calm quadrangle survived into the third millennium. By 1971, its grassed area west of the Scarbrough lecture theatre Harry Shearer's Research Group had been covered by the single-storey Courtyard Building for Geological Sciences, linked to stage 2 of the Chemistry-Geology Building through its projecting Geology workshop. By 1999, hard standing at the northern boundary, for services supporting the east wing's research laboratories, had replaced the remaining trees. The eastern boundary survived in the rectangular pool that had been formed to allow a Little High Wood stream to resurface from its conduit under the Mathematics Building before being led under the east wing and Stockton Road towards the River Wear. The pool had to weather a blight, in the two decades before the millennium, from experiments in botany and engineering geology. [To return to the main article, click History.]

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