Research Groups

This section is for Research Groups. Their leaders are listed in the column on the left. It's quite long and is in two sections. Look under Current for staff employed full-time now as research-group leaders. If the leader of interest is not named there, look below under Former. It lists staff who, when current leaders, were employed full-time for three years or more and whose activity included the supervision of a successful higher-degree candidate or of a salaried postdoctoral researcher employed by Durham University. If still looking, enter the name in the Search box (top left) to reveal lecturers who left without establishing a research group. They are named as associates of one of the groups active in their time at Durham; senior demonstrators are named similarly.

Click on the name of your group's leader to read the group's membership/stories/memories. Help us to add to them - send us text and images How to Contribute to give a flavour of your time with the group and the people whom you remember. Alternatively, if you are still in contact with the leader and if he or she remains current, point your information - even the smallest snippet - in that direction. It will be welcome and will find its way to the right page on this site.

Several current leaders use such snippets to maintain up-to-date alumini sections on their group's web pages. A button on this wiki site's page for the leader will give you access to the web page that the leader maintains. Look for the button at the end of this site's list of a group's members.

[Latest review 2015, December 31.]

Membership is recorded for Durham University postgraduates successful in their higher-degree studies, for visiting postgraduates in good standing with their home institution researching in the University for three months or more, for research staff (including associated fixed-term lecturing staff) with a salary or stipend paid by the University for three months or more and for visiting research staff drawing salary from their home institution and researching for three months or more (1 month for lecturer level or higher). For some researchers, knowledge of status is awaited; the absence of that information is shown as zzzz. For some visitors, confirmation of home institution is awaited; the absence of that information is shown as xxxx.
Researchers making shorter visits may be named on the research-group members' own web pages; for access, see above. Those pages are also likely to name others not mentioned on this site, such as the group's current postgraduates (occasionally named after 2006 as three-year technical assistants) and any Durham University Chemistry undergraduate past or present assigned to the group to undertake a research-project component of her/his first-degree programme.
Visiting undergraduates placed in a research group for their visit - whatever its duration - are named by the year when the visit starts; the names are in the Undergraduate section of this website.

For sources of names of successful higher-degree graduates of Durham University (1924-2002), see footnotes to the tables in Postgraduate. Later graduations are documented in a database maintained by its Chemistry Department. Names of other members come from the University's annually-published calendar (the only source before 1974), the Department's manuscript records (1974-2006) before they were discontinued and dispersed, and the Department's health-and-safety database of new starters (1987 onwards).

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