Randal Richards' Research Group

[Dr Randal William Richards took up a readership in chemistry at Durham in October 1989, moving with his research group from Strathclyde University to join the Durham division of the interdisciplinary research centre in polymer science and technology established by the Government's Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council. In 1994 he was promoted to a professorship and from 1 August 2001 he chaired the Board of Studies in Chemistry. In 2003, at the end of August, having appointed an acting chairman from June, he relinquished his professorship to become EPSRC's director of research and innovation, retiring as the Council's deputy chief executive in December 2008 and being appointed an Officer of the order of the British Empire (OBE) in the following month. He lives in Wiltshire.]

Group members by year of joining (on October 1 unless stated) [Each postgraduate listed obtained the qualification shown.]

1989 John G. Connell (postdoctoral, 17 month), Robin J. Macdonald and Gary Welsh (both started Ph.D. study 1987 at Strathclyde, transferred after 24 months) and John A. Henderson and Gail McLean (both started Ph.D. study 1988 at Strathclyde, transferred after 12 months) and John R. Holland (new starter) Ph.D.s (i.e. all pursuing a Ph.D. study period of 36 months full-time); 1990 Paul H. Richardson Ph.D.,; 1991 S. Cecilia E. Backson and Norman E. Clough and Donald A. Davidson and Ian Hopkinson Ph.D.s;, Frank T. Kiff (IRC research technician, November 1, 60 months) 1992 Ian Reynolds Ph.D, Brian R. Rochford Ph.D. (study period of 24 months part-time and then 12 months full-time); 1993 M.R. Taylor and Lian R. Hutchings (postdoctorals, October 1 and 25, 49.7 and 107.2 month - LRH continuing with nominal supervision from Neil Cameron's Research Group), Stella K. Peace [surname Gissing at outset] Ph.D.; 1994 Michael Jeschke and Helen L. Thompson and Helen Varley [surname Major at outset] and Michael S. Watson Ph.D.s, Mark R. Hodgson Ph.D. unattached (i.e. on October 1 started a Ph.D. study period of 60 months while in full-time employment outside the University), Gordon Forrest (IRC research technician, April 1, 45 month); 1995 A. Brunacci (postdoctoral, January 16, 6.5 month), Peter F. Dewhurst Ph.D., P.M. McNeillis (visiting professor, xxxx, March 20, 12 month), P. Almond and J.L. Jones (zzzz, March 1 and October 1, 7 and 12 month); 1996 M.R. Lovell and Stella K. Peace (postdoctorals, 15 and 23 month), Gavin J. Bown and Andrew S. Brown Ph.D.s; 1997 Richard L Thompson (postdoctoral, February 1, 44 month) - continuing on CBC open contract as senior research associate), Aline F. Miller Ph.D.; 1998 Andrew J. Milling (postdoctoral, January 1, 33 month), Edoardo De-Luca and Mark F. Wyatt Ph.D.s, W. Douglas Carswell and Andrew Bosanko (IRC research technicians, January 5 and February 16, 34.8 and 8.5 - WDC continuing on CBC open contract), S. Collins and M. Alexander (zzzz, September 1 and October 12, 34 and 12 month); 1999 D. Hugh Powell [associated fixed-term (60 month) lecturer joining from CH/Lausanne/Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule (visited by P. Zuber, 2000 Jul-Aug, & C. Pitteloud, 2001 Feb, to conclude Ph.D. studies that DHP supervised there)][to York/ Nestlé Product Technology Centre], (43 month), Julian Bent (postdoctoral, October 18, 33.4 month - continuing in Nigel Clarke's Research Group), Michelle L. Coote (research assistant, 9 month); 2000 Richard L. Thompson (senior research associate, October 1, 35 month - nominal supervision continued with Nigel Clarke's Research Group), James T.E. Cooke (postdoctoral, March 1, 24 month), Zaijun Lu (research assistant, May 10, 24 month), Stuart Leslie and Jordan Sarica Ph.D.s; 2001 Duncan H. Gordon and Susan J. Roberts-Bleming (postdoctorals, June 1 and October 1, 15.4 and 26 month - SJR-B continuing in Nigel Clarke's Research Group), Stuart M. Eggleston (research-group technician, 20 month -continuing in Sharon Cooper's Research Group); 2002 Michael J. Cannon and Kim A. Houghton Ph.D.s [final 25 months of full-time study supervised by Neil Cameron (MJC) and Nigel Clarke (KAH)].

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