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[Dr William James Feast took up a lectureship in organic chemistry at Durham in October 1965, becoming successively senior lecturer (1975) and professor (1987). From 1989-1995 he was Courtaulds professor of polymer chemistry. In 1989, he was appointed on October 1 to the Durham directorship of the Leeds-Bradford-Durham interdisciplinary research centre in polymer science and technology established by the UK Government's Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council. The Council's funding ended eleven years later. Jim Feast's election to Fellowship of the Royal Society (London) occurred in March 1996. For two years from January 1998 he led activity in Durham University's Science Faculty that was financed by the European Union regional development fund's grant to support small and medium science-based enterprises in northeast England. In retirement (from 2003), he was appointed research professor for three years from October 2003 and, while bringing his ongoing laboratory research to conclusion, led the Science Faculty's activity in nanotechnology financed by the Government's research fund for the region. He became president of the Royal Society of Chemistry for two years from July 2006 and in January 2007 was appointed Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE). He lives in Durham.]

Group members, by year of joining (on October 1 unless stated) (Each postgraduate listed obtained the qualification shown.)

1966 Leonard P. Anderson Ph.D. (i.e. started a Ph.D. study period of 36 months full-time); 1969 William E. Preston Ph.D.; 1970 David J. Andrews Ph.D.; 1972 George E. Ditchfield (postdoctoral, 12 months), Roger R. Hughes Ph.D.; 1973 Ian C. Sage Ph.D., John B. Moreland M.Sc. unattached (i.e. started an M.Sc. study period of 24 months while employed full-time outside the University); 1974 Costas Spanomanolis and Paul J. Tweedale Ph.D.s; 1975 Brian Wilson Ph.D., Jonathan W.U. Batey and Malcolm Strange M.Sc.s (i.e. started an M.Sc. study period of 12 months full-time); 1977 Andrew J. Tate Ph.D., John H. Edwards (research assistant, 12 months); 1978 John H. Edwards (associated senior demonstrator, 36 months), Isam F.A.F. El-Saafin and Francisco Nadal M.Sc.s; 1979 Arisol B. Alimuniar and Isam F.A.F. El-Saafin Ph.D.s; 1980 Kevin Harper and Ian S. Millichamp Ph.D.s, Lamies A.H. Shahada M.Sc. (started January 1); 1981 Andrew J. Tate (associated senior demonstrator, 24 months), Donald S. Richards Ph.D.; 1982 Lamies A.H. Shahada (started January 1) and Stephen Matuszczak Ph.D.s; 1983 Jeremy N. Winter (postdoctoral, 24 months), Christine Forsyth (research assistant, 12 months), Patrique M. Blackmore Ph.D., ; 1986 Said K. Mansour (visiting professor, IL/Bethlehem/Univ., February, 6 months); 1987 Ezat Khosravi (postdoctoral, 72 months), Manjushri Mitra (postdoctoral shared with Ken Wade's Research Group, 36 months), Keith Yeats (started April 1) and Cameron W. Alexander and David B. Harrison Ph.D.s; 1988 John Tsibouklis (postdoctoral, January 1, 72 month), Duncan H. Cadd (started May 1) Ph.D., M. Zaki B. AbRahman (visiting lecturer, MAL/Serdang/Pertan.Univ., January 21, 2.5 months); 1989 Alan M. Kenwright (senior experimental officer (96 month), M. Abdelkadar (postdoctoral, 36 month), Susan A. Walker (joined January 1; Ph.D. study started 1987 in Hugh Munro's group, transfer occurred after 15 months) and Mark S. Jones and Sara M. Southern Ph.D.s, Panagiotis Dounis M.Sc., David Parker and Linda M. Preston M.Sc.s P/T (i.e. started an M.Sc. study period of 24 months part-time), Gordon M. Forrest and Julia M. Say and David Parker (IRC research technicians, 54 and 105 and 147 month), Linda M. Preston (research-group technician, 24 month), Jean Eccleston (IRC secretary, 132 month); 1990 Patrique M. Bayliff [postgraduate surname was Blackmore] and Manjushri Mitra (postdoctorals, 40.6 and 45.6 months), Panagiotis Dounis and Carole-Anne Smith Ph.D.s, Abdulla M.A. Al-Hajaji M.Sc., Henri Cramail (visiting postdoctoral, F/BordeauxUniv1, April 3, 6 months; 1991 S.J. Edge (postdoctoral, November 1, 27 month), Duncan H. Cadd (research assistant, May 1, 15 month), Neil M. Stainton Ph.D., Frank P. Davies (IRC technician, February 25, 32.6 month), Jonathan P. Mitchell (technical assistant, October 1, 4 month), Brian Wilson (visiting fellow, GB/ICI, May 1, 24 month); 1992 Ezat Khosravi and A.M. Grainger (postdoctorals, January 1 and August 1, 117.1 and 9.5 month), Abdulla M.A. Al-Hajaji (started January 1) and Nick D. Haylett and Keiji Sugawara and Richard M. Towns Ph.D.s; 1993 Edward L. Marshall and M. Huebel and Lamies A.H. Shahada and S.E.Davies (postdoctorals, January 1 and 16 and February 1 and December 1, 12 and 16 and 3 and 22 month), Lesley M. Hamilton Ph.D.; 1994 Panagiotis Dounis and G. Widawski and D.G. Snowden (postdoctorals, January 1 and January 1 and October 1, 19 and 12 and 30.7 month), Manjushri Mitra (postdoctoral shared with David O'Hagan's Research Group, August 1, 15 months), Richard L. Ainsworth and Rusli Daik and Kathryn E. Foster and Joanna L. Megson and Abul C.M. Rizmi (started January 1) and Robert M. Staples Ph.D.s, Helen E. Rusby (IRC assistant secretary, June 1, 74.9 month), R. Freudenberger (zzzz, August 1, 8 month); 1995 Catherine Schoenenberger and Lois J. Hobson and Andrew M. Grainger (postdoctorals, January 1 and February 1 and July 1, 24 and 39 and 9 month), Rachel L. Cochlin and Angela J. Keeney and Thanawadee Leejarkpai Ph.D.s; 1996 Robin M. Harrison and Naveed A. Zaidi and Richard J. Peace (postdoctorals, January 15 and September 1 and October 1, 23.5 and 16 and 19.4 month), Ian C. Anderson and Andreas F.M. Kilbinger Ph.D.s, David Parker Ph.D. P/T (i.e. a successful Ph.D. study period of 60 months part-time), Erwin Herzog (visiting fellow, xxxx, February 1, 12 month), P. Calvert (zzzz, May 3, 3.9 month); 1997 Marie-Pierre Vieira Ph.D., Abul C.M. Rizmi and Richard L. Ainsworth and Joanna L. Megson (technical assistants, January 1 and October 1 and October 1, 5 and 3 and 3 month), C. Lartigau (zzzz, 11 month); 1998 Hendrikus A.M. Biemans (research associate, February 1, 7 month), P.Wilfried Lovenich Ph.D., R.M. Endsor (zzzz, June 22, 15.3 month); 1999 Xia Wang (postdoctoral, November 18, 12 month), Andreas F.M. Kilbinger (research associate, September 1, 6 month), Simon J. Aldersley and Joseph F. Gargiuli and Miquel Gimeno and Alison M. Stoddart Ph.D.s, Thanawadee Leejarkpai (technical assistant, October 25, 5 month); 2000 Steven Rannard and Oliver S. Henze (postdoctoral, July 1 and August 1, 36 and 29 month), Serguei Daout and Craig Mason Ph.D.s; 2001 Adrian M. Downer (postdoctoral, January 1, 17 month), Philippa D. Francis (zzzz, July 23, 4.3 month); 2002 Duncan H. Cadd (postdoctoral, January 21, 34.3 month), J.T, Meijer (zzzz, January 2, 3 month); 2003 Magadalena JuradoGonzales (postdoctoral, June 15, 9 month), Barry T. Barker and Helen J. Riggs (technicians, November 1 and 10, 35 and 36.4 month); 2004 Stephen J. Devine [administrator (Govt nanotechnology initiative), January 19, 33.3 month].

The 29 weekend reuniters in 2003 (April), gathered by Len Anderson [see 1966 above], had been his contemporaries for some or all of his student days at Durham (1963-9). Their revisit drew attention to the completion, in September that year, of Jim Feast's highly successful work as a lecturer and research-group leader.

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