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[Professor Robin Kingsley Harris moved with his research group from the University of East Anglia at Norwich to take up a chair in chemistry at Durham in 1984. He chaired the Board of Studies in Chemistry for three years from 1 August 1989 Head of Department and until 2004 continued to direct the national service for solid-state nuclear-magnetic-resonance spectroscopy (=NSNMRSS1), which he had began to direct when at East Anglia and had transferred to Durham in 1986. In retirement (from 2002, October) he lives in Durham. Biography]

Group members, by year of joining (on October 1 unless stated)(Each postgraduate listed obtained the qualification shown.)

1984 Barry J. Say (research-group senior experimental officer, August 1, 146 month), Patrick W. Reams Ph.D. (Ph.D. study started 1982 at East Anglia, transferred after 24 months) and Ian P. Appleyard and Geoffrey J. Nesbitt (both started Ph.D. study 1983 at East Anglia, transferred after 12 months) and Peter Jackson and Lawrence H. Merwin and Philip Wilkes (all three newly started) Ph.D.s (i.e. all pursuing Ph.D. study periods of 36 months full-time); 1985 Nigel Rudgwick-Brown (associated senior demonstrator, 12 months), Timothy N. Pritchard Ph.D., Angelika Sebald (visiting postdoctoral, D/München/Univ., July 15, 24 months); 1986 Neil J. Everall (joined April 1; started 1983 in Joe Howard's group Joe Howard's Research Group, transferred after 30 months' full-time study) and Robin Challoner and Youssef E. Espidel Ph.D.s, Ahmed A.M. Al-Karimi (visiting research fellow, Kuwait Univ., February 1, 12 months), Soon Ng (visiting professor, MAL/MalayaUniv., May 15, 1 month, Edward H. Wong (visiting fellow. USA/NH/Durham/NewHampshireUniv., September 4, 9 months, Ian J. McNaught (visiting fellow, ZA/Natal/Univ., December 16, 7.5 months); 1987 Geoffrey J. Nesbitt (postdoctoral, 12 months), Vivian M. Shelley (postdoctoral, part-time, 24 months), Haiping Bai and Anita Findlay and Matthew J. Leach Ph.D.s, Ahmed A.M. Al-Karimi (revisiting research fellow, Kuwait University, June 1, 3 months); 1988 Peter Jackson (postdoctoral, October 1, 12 months), Peter G. Clarke Ph.D., Thomas Birchall (visiting professor, CDN/ON/McMaster Univ, January 21, 2 months), Lawrence H. Merwin (visiting postdoctoral, D/Bayreuth/Univ.geo-institut, March 3, 3 months), Odon Arjona (visiting professor, E/Madrid/Univ.Complutense, March 31, 3 months), George A. Hardgrove (visiting fellow, USA/MI/Northfield/St Olaf Coll., July 24, 12 months); 1989 Richard J. Ward (joined January 1; started Ph.D. study 1986 in Hugh Munro's group, transferred after 27 months) and Elizabeth A. Christopher Ph.D.s, Maria I.B. Tavares (visiting postgraduate, BR/Rio de Janeiro, 12 months); 1990 Daniel Casarini (visiting postdoctoral, I/Bologna/Univ., January 15, 12 months), Roberto Gobetto (visiting postdoctoral, I/Torini/Univ., May 11, 6 months), S. Hu (zzzz, September 1, 7 month); 1991 David C. Apperley [senior experimental officer for UKSNMRS1, August 1, 131 month - continuing in open contract with DUCBC; from 2002 Oct. 1, with Paul Hodgkinson's Research Group), Elke K.F. Bahlmann and Stefan Friebel (both joined January 1) and Graham G. Almond and Abdul Khaliq Ph.D.s, Karen Widdrington (research-group secretary, October 15, 77.5 month); 1992 Steven A. Carss and Abdulraouf Samadi-Maybodi and Timothy V. Thompson Ph.D.s, D.S.B. Hauk (technical assistant, August 4, 7.9 month), Karen Widdrington (research-group secretary - part-time, 75.5 month), Dilek Dadayli and M.M. Sunnetcioglu (visiting researchers, xxxx, March 30, 11.6 month); 1993 Robin Challoner and Anna P. Minoja (postdoctorals, August 16 and November 1, 9.5 and 15 month), Margaret H. Greenhall, (postdoctoral, 3 months - for the preceding 6, see Jack Yarwood's research group), Gary McGeorge and Marcia R. Pereira (MRP started Ph.D. study 1991, January 1 in Jack Yarwood's group, transferred after 26 months' study and 7 months' intercalated maternity leave) Ph.D.s, Steven G. Breen M.Sc. (i.e. started an M.Sc. study period of 12 months full-time), Vivian M. Shelley [honorary research fellow, 3 months (preceding 48 months associated with Jack Yarwood's research group]; 1994 Alison Nordon Ph.D., P. Holstein (zzzz, March 1, 12 month), Nicola A. Apperley (NSNMRSS1 technician, April 1, 52 month), S-W Oh and N.L. Owen and Ulrich Scheler (zzzz, January 10 and June 20 and July 25, 23.7 and 6.3 and 18.5 month); 1995 Clare A. Woodward (associated fixed-term lecturer, 36 months; to Durham University Physics administration), Susan C. Campbell and Julian C. Cherryman and Jonathan A. Shaw Ph.D.s, C.M. Lagier (zzzz, December 1, 4 month); 1996 Regis D.M Gougeon (research fellow, 11 month), Philippe R. Bodart (postdoctoral, October 7, 11.4 month), Barry J. Say (research-group senior experimental officer - part-time, 66 month), Eric Hughes (experimental officer, December 1, 22 month), Lyndsey A. Crowe Ph.D., Leslie P. Hughes (joined April 1) Ph.D. unattached (i.e. started a Ph.D. study period of 60 months while employed full-time outside the University), Gary McGeorge (technical assistant, 3 month), Gustavo.A. Monti and Minoro Hanaya and Graham Bowmaker and Eric B. Brouwer (visiting fellows, xxxx, January 25 and April 1 and June 26 and November 1, 24.2 and 12 and 6.8 and 22 month), M. Geppi and C.M. Lagier (zzzz, January 17 and November 20, 6.1 and 3.1 month); 1997 S. Naser Azizi and Helen E. Birkett and Stefan A. Reinsberg Ph.D.s., Alison Nordon (technical assistant, 3 month), C.M. Lagier (zzzz, December 3, 3.8 month); 1998 Paul Hodgkinson (research fellow, December 1, 36 month - final 12 through secondment from lectureship), Philippe F.M. Kempgens (postdoctoral, September 29, 25 month), Paolo Avalle and Alessia Portieri Ph.D.s, Bruno Alonso (research assistant, November 2, 12 month), Philip Wormald (NSNMRSS1 technician, August 1, 47 month), Shinji Ando (visiting fellow, xxxx, April 6, 9.7 month), P. Bertani and M.E.L. Mitchell and L.M. Dickinson (zzzz, June 1 and August 1 and October 1, 3 and 8.5 and 14.1 month); 2000 Paul Hazendonk and Diane Masson (postdoctorals, February 16 and May 1, 21.5 and 24 month), and Yen Ghi-Phong (research assistant, September 1, 13 month - continuing with Paul Hodgkinson's Research Group, S. Pizzanelli (zzzz, May 2, 6 month); 2001 Paolo Avalle (postdoctoral, November 1, 11 month), Thomas Bräuniger (research assistant, January 1, 21 month).

1. The National Service for Solid-state Nuclear-Magnetic-Resonance Spectroscopy (=NSSNMRS) is supported by a rolling grant from the Government's Engineering and Physical Scences Research Council. When the Service relocated from Norwich to Durham in 1986, it was accommodated in the south wing of the Mountjoy Research Centre and its manager was Dr Race R. Yeung, the immediate predecessor of David Apperley. In 2003, the Service relocated again - this time within Durham - to the Chemistry Building [rooms 022, 024 (Professor Randal Richards, paragraph 5)]. In 2004, the directorship of the Service passed from Robin Harris to Paul Hodgkinson Paul Hodgkinson's Research Group.

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