Jas Pal Badyal's Research Group

Prof. Jas Pal S. Badyal, Functional Surfaces and Surface Science

Group membership and duration, by year of joining (on October 1 unless stated) [A postgraduate member is listed on obtaining the qualification shown - the Chemistry Department's latest review of qualifications was made in 2015 on November 12. Names of non-postgraduate members come from the Department's summary in 2015 on August 14.]

1989 Alexander G. Shard (joined January 1, Ph.D. study started 1988 under Hugh Munro's supervision, transfer occurred after 3 months) Ph.D. (i.e. a successful Ph.D. study period of 36 months full-time); 1990 Rachel K. Wells Ph.D.; 1991 Susan A. Walker (started February 1, postdoctoral, 10 months), Jose L.C. Fonseca (started April 1) and Campbell P. Barker and Peter J. Ratcliffe and Simon Tasker Ph.D.s; 1992 Janet L. Hopkins and Martin Ryan Ph.D.s; 1993 Rorie Dempster (study started in 1991 October under Jack Yarwood's supervision, transfer occurred after 24 months) Ph.D., Robert D. Boyd and Colin J. Campbell and Alan M. Hynes and Susanne M. Ohsiek and Victoria Ruddick and Garry T. Smith Ph.D.s, M. Elizabeth Byrne M.Sc. (i.e. a successful M.Sc. study period of 12 months full-time), Martin J. Shenton and C. Rau (started February 8 and September 20, research assistants, 7 and 6 months); 1994 Jonathan M. Crowther and Simon A. Evenson and Samantha H. Wheale Ph.D.s; 1996 Christos Spanos (started January 1) and Stephen R. Coulson and Simon P. Godfrey and Simon J. Hutton Ph.D.s; 1997 Jonathan M. Crowther (postdoctoral, 34 months), Stephen J. Ebbens and Corinne A. Fail and Luke J. Ward Ph.D.s; 1998 Cinzia Tarducci and Iain S. Woodward Ph.D.s, , Jonathan M. Carroll (started July 1, technician, 8 months); 1999 Rosie A. Lampitt (started March 15, postdoctoral, 6 months), Sarah A.M. Kelly (started April 1, postdoctoral part-time Jim Feast's Research Group, 15 months); 2000 Wayne C.E. Schofield and Declan O.H. Teare and Christos Spanos and Giselle Øye [browse Oye] (postdoctorals, February 1 and February 1 and March 1 and April 3, 129 and 52.1 and 18 and 23 months); 2001 Luke J. Ward (started May 1, postdoctoral, 75 months), David C. Barwick and Thomas J. Bradley Ph.D.s, Vincent Roucoules and J. Wei (started January 8 and 15, research assistants, 18 and 3.9 months); 2002 Richard P. Garrod and James M. McGettrick Ph.D.s; 2003 Lee G. Harris and Caroline Noel Ph.D.s; [On 2004, August 1, the standard Ph.D. full-time study period for chemistry at Durham was increased from 36 months to 39 months.] 2007 Suzanne Morsch Ph.D., Cary Kayll (started January 1, research-group secretary, 24 months); 2009 Tom J. Wood Ph.D., Alison Gannon (started January 1, research-group secretary, 7.6.months); 2010 Wayne C.E. Schofield (started December 1, postdoctoral, 27.3 months), Philip S. Brown Ph.D.; 2012 James Wigzell (started September 3, research assistant, 36 months); 2013 Christopher Coxon (started July 26, postdoctoral, 13.2 months)

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