David Parker's Research Group

Prof. David Parker, FRS, Coordination chemistry, Diagnostics and imaging, Lanthanides

Head of Department

Group membership and duration, by year of joining (on October 1 unless stated) [A postgraduate member is listed on obtaining the qualification shown - the Chemistry Department's latest review of qualifications was made in 2015 on November 12. Names of non-postgraduate members come from the Department's summary in 2015 on August 14.]

1982 Jeffrey G. Eaves Ph.D. (i.e. started a Ph.D. study period of 36 months full-time); 1983 C. Richard Langrick (postdoctoral, 12 months), Martin Hodgson Ph.D (supervision shared with Keith Dillon); 1984 Byron A. Boyce (postdoctoral, 12 months), Karen E. Matthes and Richard J. Taylor Ph.D.s; 1985 Ian M. Helps (postdoctoral, 36 months), J. Richard Morphy and Patrick E. Nicholson Ph.D.s, André D. Chissel Ph.D. (supervision shared with Martin Bryce); 1986 Manjushri Mitra (see also Jim Feast's research group) and S. Rasoul Mirrezaei and Partha S. Roy and Nigel R.M. Smith (postdoctoral, 12 and 31 and 25 and 24 months), James Chapman and Jonathan P.L. Cox and Andrew S. Craig Ph.D.s; 1987 Karl J. Jankowski (postdoctoral, May 1, 48 months); 1988 Christopher J. Broan and Ritu Kataky (see also Ritu Kataky's Research Group) (postdoctoral, 24 and 105 months), Robert C. Matthews Ph.D.; 1989 I. Taylor (June 19) and Christine Tachon (postdoctoral, 12 and 24 months), Jaya Gopal (postdoctoral shared with Martin Bryce's Research Group, June, 12 months), Luke E. Collie and Russell Fulwood and Mark J. Rosser Ph.D.s; 1990 Paul S. Bates (started January 1) and Eleanor J. Cole and Andrew Teasdale Ph.D.s, Louise Royle (off-site research assistant half-time, 35 months); 1991 P. Kanthi Pulukkody [postdoctoral, January 1, 32 months (continues 1993 September as P. Kanthi Senanayake)], Timothy J. Norman and Fiona C. Smith Ph.D.s; 1992 Fiona O'Carroll (associated senior demonstrator, 24 months), James E. Denness (postdoctoral, January, 21 months), Marcella Murru (visiting fellow, I/Milano/Bracco SpA, February 1, 12 months), George B. Bates and J.A. Gareth Williams Ph.D.s, Louise Royle Ph.D. unattached (i.e. started a period of study of 60 months part-time while employed full-time outside the University); 1993 Susan K. Armstrong (associated part-time lecturer, 12 months), Antonio F. Patti (visiting fellow, AUS/Victoria/Monash Univ, April 23, 8 months), Stephen Faulkner and Patricia M. Kelly (postdoctoral, 59 and 34 months), P. Kanthi Senanayake [postdoctoral, 16 months (began 1991 January as P. Kanthi Pulukkoddy)], Clive E. Foster and Matthew J. Goodall Ph.D.s; 1994 Timothy J. Norman (postdoctoral, 23 months), Jouku Vepsäläinen (visiting fellow, FIN/Joensuu/UnivEF, September 12, 12 months), Rachel S. Dickins and Morag A.M. Easson and Simon R.F. Palmer Ph.D.s; 1995 J. Andrew Clase (associated fixed-term lecturer, 36 months), Stefania Williams (March 1) and Alvaro S. DeSousa (May 1) (postdoctoral, 13 and 31 months), Christopher D. Edlin and Mark Woods Ph.D.s, David Briggs (visiting professor, GB/ICI, January 1, 24 months, preceded by 12 months with Lyn Williams' Research Group), Antonio F. Patti (visiting fellow, AUS/Victoria/Monash Univ, June 2, 1 month), David C. Bott (visiting professor, GB/ICI, August 1, 31 months, preceded by 5 months with Lyn Williams' Research Group), M.P. Wilkinson (visiting, 13 months); 1996 P. Kanthi Senanayake (January 1) and Linda J. Govenlock (November 11) and Thorfinnur Gunnlaugsson and Justin J.B. Perry (September 2) (postdoctoral, 22 and 24 and 24 and 61 months), J.L. Barriada-Pereira (visiting, September 16, 3 months), Ian M. Clarkson and Philip J. Skinner Ph.D.s; 1997 Linda J. Govenlock and J.A. Gareth Williams (see also Gareth Williams' Research Group) (postdoctoral, January 1, 20 and 11 months), Arthur K. Covington (honorary research fellow, August 1, 14 months), J.R. Barrieda-Pereira (visiting ?, 3 months), Celine E.S. Mathieu Ph.D., John W. Banks Ph.D. (unattached, started January 1); 1998 Michael P. Coogan (fixed-term lecturer, 24 months, research associated with Patrick Steel's group also), James I. Bruce (January 1) and Eric Benoist (January 7) and Mark P. Lowe (September 1) and P. Kanthi Senanayake (September 1) and Ofer Reany (postdoctoral, 43 and 35 and 33 and 24 months), Eric Benoist (visiting fellow, F/Toulouse Univ, January 7, 8 months), Stephanie Blair and Dimitri Messeri and Mark O'Halloran Ph.D.s; 1999 Linda J. Govenlock (January 1) and Rachel Dickins (September 1, see also Rachel Dickins' Research Group) (postdoctoral, 11 and 13 months), Simon Welsh Ph.D.; 2000 Suzy D. Kean (postdoctoral, February 7, 20 months), Gabriella Bobba (started January 1) Ph.D.; 2001 Horst Puschmann (March 1) and Juan Carlos Frias (March 30) and Yann Bretonnière (November 1) (postdoctoral, 24 and 21 and 24 months), Nicola C. Thompson Ph.D.; 2002 P. Kanthi Senanayake (postdoctoral, 136 months), Paul Atkinson Ph.D.; 2003 Elizabeth J. Grayson (associated part-time lecturer, March 1, 18 months & then on CBC open contract), David Fulton (April 1) and Horst Puschmann (April 1) and Junhua Yu (December 1) (postdoctoral, 30 and 6 and 22 months), Robert A. Poole Ph.D.; [On 2004, August 1, the standard Ph.D. study period for chemistry at Durham was increased from 36 months to 39 months.] 2004 Robert Edwards (adjunct professor of biochemistry -Durham Univ.Biol Dept, January 12, 36 months), Stephane Gaillard (visiting ?, April 1, 12 months), Elisa Elemento and Filip Kielar and Robert Pal Ph.D.s; 2005 Jackie A. Mosely (research fellow for mass spectrometry, September 30, 48 month Jackie Mosely's Research Group), Kevin A. Knights and Sashi U. Pandya (June 1) (postdoctoral, 12 and 28 months), Craig P. Montgomery and Ben S. Murray Ph.D.s, J. Ian Grayson (visiting fellow, 11 months); 2006 Lars-Olof Palsson (research fellow, September 29, 36 month), Philip A. Stenson and Ramon K. Kalakuntla (November 1) (postdoctoral, 9 and 24 months), Elizabeth J. New Ph.D., Siobhan L. Richardson M.Sc. (i.e. started an M.Sc. study period of 12 months full-time); 2007 Ga-Lai Law (postdoctoral, 12 months), Elena J. De-Luca (started April 1) and Kirsten H. Chalmers Ph.D.s: 2008 Robert Pal (postdoctoral, 84 months), David G. Smith and James W. Walton Ph.D.s; 2009 Anurag Mishra (postdoctoral, May 27, 42 months), Robert Edwards (adjunct professor of biochemistry - Durham Univ.Biol Dept, January 1, 12 months), Bradley P. Waldron (started January 1) and Peter Harvey Ph.D.s; 2010 Rachel Carr Ph.D.; 2011 Stephen J. Butler (June 1) and Brian McMahon (July 4) and Nicholas Evans (September 5) (postdoctoral, 25 and 39 and 23 months), Alexander M. Funk and Neil M. Sim Ph.D.s; 2012 Cidalia M.G. DosSantos [postdoctoral, 24 months (as visiting fellow, April 23, 3 months)], Martina Delbianco (started January 3) Ph.D.; 2014 Nicola Rogers and Matthieu Starck (postdoctoral, September 1, 12 and 24 months), Silvia Benvenuti (visiting postgraduate, June 5, 3 months); 2015 Amandine Roux (postdoctoral, May 1, 12 months)

Research group 1988. back row Dr Karl Jankowski, Jim Chapman (postgraduate), Patrick Nicholson (p/g) and David Parker; middle row, Andre Chissel, Andrew Craig and Richard Morphy (all p/g); front row Jon Cox (p/g), Dr Rasoul Mirrezaei and Dr Partha Roy.

Professors Dick Chambers, Evelyn Ebsworth, John (the politician), David Parker and Robin Harris.

Click David's group to enlarge;

Research group 1997 [in June at Ravenscar, North Yorkshire] Front row, left to right, [on one knee] David Parker, Morag Easson (postgraduate), Ian Clarkson (p/g) and [standing] Ritu Kataky (senior postdoctoral); Back row, left to right, Kanthi Senanayake (postdoctoral), Alvaro de Sousa (p/d), Thorri Gunnlaugson (p/d), Linda Govenlock (p/d), Mark Woods (p/g), Steve Faulkner (p/d), Gareth Williams (p/g), Rachel Dickins (p/g), Simon Palmer (p/g), Brian Johnston (p/g with Ritu as supervisor) and Justin Perry (p/d).

Anyone with questions about the above images, kindly submitted by our alumni, should contact chemistry.alumni@durham.ac.uk.

For further photographs of group members, click The Parker Group WWW Pages and from the toolbar select Members. [Link out of service 2016 July 16.]

The pdfs below show David Parker's cumulative lists of selected co-workers (1: postgraduates; 2: non-postgraduates) at Durham; they give his latest news (compiled in 2015, January) of group members past and present. He would be very pleased to receive corrections and new information at david.parker@durham.ac.uk. Alternatively, send your contribution to chemistry.alumni@durham.ac.uk.

1: dp_phds2015_01.pdf; 2: dp_pdras2015_01.pdf

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