David O'Hagan's Research Group

[After 23 months as a senior demonstrator at Durham, Dr David O'Hagan took up a lectureship in chemistry in October 1988. On anniversaries, Dr O'Hagan became successively senior lecturer (1995) and professor (1999). In September 2000, he moved with his research group to take up a chair of chemistry in St Andrews University on October 1.]

Group members by year of joining (Each postgraduate listed obtained the qualification shown.)

1989 Zdeněk Chvatál [browse Chvatal](postdoctoral, 2 months), Russell J. Cox and Jonathan Sanvoisin Ph.D.s (i.e. on October 1 started a Ph.D. study period of 36 months full-time; 1990 J.J.Marion Meyer (August 1) and Naveed A. Zaidi (October 22) (postdoctorals, 16.7 and 68.7 months); 1991 David J. Bailey and Sarah V. Rogers and Jeffrey R. White Ph.D.s; 1992 L. Dasaradhi (postdoctoral, February 1, 11 months), Nicola C.J.E. Chesters Ph.D.; 1993 L. Dasaradhi (postdoctoral, February 15, 17 months), M. Ruhul Amin and Colin F. Bridge Ph.D.s; 1994 Jens Nieschalk (postdoctoral, February 1, 12 months), Manjushri Mitra (postdoctoral shared with Jim Feast's Research Group, August 1, 14.5 months), .M. Caragh Moore and Adam H. Parker Ph.D.s, Mustafa Tavasli M.Sc. (i.e. on October 1 started an M.Sc. study period of 12 months full-time); 1995 Jens Nieschalk (postdoctoral, January 15, 32.2 months), Chi W. Wong Ph.D.; 1996 Jens Nieschalk (January 15) and Jens Fuchser (July 17) and Ioannis A. Zabetakis (October 21) and M. Ruhul Amin (November 11) (postdoctorals, 32.2 and 16.2 and 23 and 6 months), Lee Knight and Steven J. Moss and Prash Sinnathamby and Mustafa Tavasli Ph.D.s; 1997 Daniel J. Fowler and Rebecca J.M. Goss and Helen K. Smith Ph.D.s; 1998 Denis Bouvet (postdoctoral, March 1, 13 months) and Andrew J. Humphrey [postdoctoral, April 22, 29.2 months (plus 5 months with Neil Cameron's Research Group)] and Rosa Duran-Patron (postdoctoral, October 5, 12.8 months); 1999 Mustafa Tavasli (postdoctoral, 4 months); 2000 C.D. Murphy (April 1) and S. Bone, A. Gosling, D. Henderson (June 7 for SB, AG, DH) (visiting researchers, GB/Sunderland/Onyx Scientific, 4.4 and 3.8 months). [In 1999 Caroline R.S. Briggs and Stephen Patterson and Christopher Schaffrath began a full-time Ph.D. study period; after 12 months they moved to St Andrews, to where their Ph.D. registration was transferred; outcome not implied here.]

1998, summer Standing David O'Hagan centre behind left-to-right Helen K. Smith(1), Prash Sinnathamby(2), Daniel H. Fowler(3), Rebecca Goss(4), Chi Wong(5), Andrew J. Humphrey(6), Denis Bouvet (7); Seated, left-to-right Mustafa Tavasli(8), Jens Nieschalk(9), Lee Knight(10), Steven J. Moss(11).

Postgraduates: (1), (3) & (4) 1997-2000; (2), (10) & (11) 1996-1999; (8) 1994-1996 & 1996-1999. Postdoctorals: (5) 1998 May-2001 Feb; (7) & (9) 1997-1998.

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