David Tozer's Research Group

Prof. David J. Tozer, Methodological developments in density functional theory, Theoretical spectroscopy, Excited states

Group membership and duration, by year of joining (on October 1 unless stated) [A postgraduate member is listed on obtaining the qualification shown - the Chemistry Department's latest review of qualifications was made in 2015 on November 12. Names of non-postgraduate members come from the Department's summary in 2015 on August 14.]

1999 Giuseppina Menconi and Philip P. Rushton Ph.D.s (i.e. successful Ph.D. study periods of 36 months full-time); 2000 Philip J. Wilson (postdoctoral, April 10, 16 months), Mark J. Allen Ph.D.; 2002 Thomas W. Keal Ph.D., Nicholas Handy (visiting professor, GB/Cambridge/University, October 14, 7.7 months); 2003 Andrew M. Teale Ph.D.; [On 2004, August 1, the standard Ph.D. full-time study period for chemistry at Durham was increased from 36 months to 39 months.] 2005 Michael J.G. Peach Ph.D., Ola B. Lutnaes (visiting postgraduate, N/Oslo/University, June 20, 6 months); 2006 Erik I. Tellgren (visiting postgraduate, N/Oslo/University, September 1, 11 months) 2007 Austin D. Dwyer Ph.D., Andrew M. Teale (visiting postdoctoral, N/Oslo/University, January 1, 7 months); 2008 Ruth LeSueur (research fellow, xx months); 2010 Michael J.G. Peach (postdoctoral, January 4, 11.9 months); 2014 Abril Castro-Aguilera (visiting postgraduate, xxxx, September 1, 3.7 months);

[To link to the research-group leader's news of group members, see Tozer Research Group. Link last tested 2016, July 4.]

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