Lyn Williams' Research Group

[Dr Daniel Lyn Howell Williams was appointed to a lectureship in physical-organic chemistry at Durham in October 1963, becoming successively senior lecturer (1977), reader (1986) and professor (1991). He chaired the Board of Studies in Chemistry for three years from 1 August 1992. Head of Department Retiring in September 2001 and using Departmental writing space until July 2005, he lived at Durham until his death in September 2006. Lyn Williams].

Group members by year of joining (on October 1 unless stated) (Each postgraduate listed obtained the qualification shown.)

1964 S.J. Weiniger (associated senior demonstrator, 12 months), David W. Pearson Ph.D. (i.e. started a Ph.D. study period of 36 months full-time); 1966 James R. Park Ph.D.; 1968 T David B. Morgan (associated senior demonstrator 12 months, fixed-term lecturer 12 months), S. Roger Hooley Ph.D.; 1969 Mukhtar A. Al-Gharani (Ph.D. study started 1967 under supervision of Mike Crampton Mike Crampton's Research Group, transfer occurred after 24 months) Ph.D.; 1972 S. Richard Hartshorn (associated senior demonstrator , 24 months); 1973 Ian D. Biggs (postdoctoral, 18 months); 1975 J. Terence Thompson Ph.D., Deborah Close M.Sc. (i.e. started an M.Sc. study period of 12 months full-time); 1976 Geoffrey Hallett Ph.D.; 1977 Shivraj S. Johal M.Sc.; 1978 S. Elaine Aldred Ph.D., Colin Greenhalgh (Departmental technical support shared with the Michael Crampton group: 80% of 37.5 h/wk to 1986, 20% in 1987-2001; CG's remaining hours went on applying information technology to the Department's general needs); 1979 Geoffrey Hallett (associated senior demonstrator, 12 months), Graham L. Newport (postdoctoral, to 1980), Leslie R. Dix and Thomas A. Meyer Ph.D.s; 1980 Sharifa S. Kaabi (started January 1) M.Sc.; 1982 Marion O'Neill (postdoctoral, 12 months - see also Ken Wade's Research Group), Tracy Bryant and James Fitzpatrick Ph.D.s; 1983 Thomas A. Meyer (postdoctoral, to 1985), Philippa Morris Ph.D.; 1984 Stephen J. Whittleton (associated senior demonstrator, 42 months); 1985 Michael J. Crookes Ph.D.; 1986 Hanif M.S. Patel Ph.D., J. Ramon Leis (visiting postdoctoral, E/Santiago de Compostela/Univ., June 28, 3 months), M. Elena Pena (visiting postdoctoral, E/Lugo/SantiagoUniv., June 28, 3 months); 1987 Shirlene M.N.Y.F. Oh Ph.D., Panchali Roy (started January 1) M.Sc.P/T (i.e. started an M.Sc. study period of 24 months part-time), Emilia Iglesias (visiting fellow, E/Santiago de Compostela/Univ., May 11, 6 months); 1988 Andrew Graham Ph.D., Anthony R. Butler (visiting fellow, GB/St Andrew's Univ, 4 months); 1990 John McAninly Ph.D.P/T (i.e. started a Ph.D. study period of 60 months part-time); 1991 David J. Barnett Ph.D., Ling Xia (started April 1) M.Sc.P/T, Pablo Herves-Belosa (visiting postdoctoral, E/Santiago de Compostela/Univ., 3 months); 1992 Alexander R. Eberlin Ph.D,; 1993 Karen L. Peat (associated fixed-term lecturer, 48 months), Helen R. Swift Ph.D.. Jack Yarwood (visiting professor, GB/Sheffield Hallam Univ., 3 months); 1994 Elizabeth Gallardo (postdoctoral), Andrew P. Dicks Ph.D., David Briggs (visiting professor, GB/ICI, January 1, 12 months, followed by 24 months in David Parker's Research Group); 1995 Elizabeth Haley M.Sc. (at Stockton campus), David C. Bott (visiting professor, GB/ICI, March 1, 5 months, followed by 31 months in David Parker's Research Group); 1996 Andrew P. Munro Ph.D., Pablo Herves-Belosa (visiting postdoctoral, E/Santiago, March 7, 6 months); 1996 E. Li M.Sc.P/T; 1997 Anthony J. Holmes Ph.D.; 1998 Deborah Moss (postdoctoral, January 5, 4.5 months & July 27, 1 month), Paul J. Coupe Ph.D., S. Amado-Servantes (visiting postgraduate, E/Santiago, January 13, : 3 months); 1999 Darren R. Noble (postdoctoral, October 12, 35.6 months), David Parkin Ph.D. (after 24 months, on Lyn Williams' retirement, supervision was transferred to Mike Crampton).

Lyn Williams, as a congregation-day marshal, raises his hat to greet Dr Ken Manning (Term-time senior demonstrator, 1987-1996)

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