Steven Cobb's Research Group

Dr Steven Cobb, Peptide Drug Design and Delivery, Peptidomimetics, Bioorganic Fluorine Chemistry

Group membership and duration, by year of joining (on October 1 unless stated) [A postgraduate member is listed on obtaining the qualification shown - the Chemistry Department's latest review of qualifications was made in 2015 on November 12. Names of non-postgraduate members come from the Department's summary in 2015 on August 14.]

2009 Frances L. Chadbourne Ph.D. (i.e. a successful Ph.D. study period of 39 months full-time); 2010 Neil Colgin (postdoctoral, September 24, 15 months); 2011 Neil Colgin (postdoctoral, May 11, 12 months), Asahi Cano-Marques (visiting postgraduate, xxxx, 42 months); 2012 Christopher Coxon (postdoctoral, 10 months), Guillaume Duboe-Laurence (visiting postgraduate, xxxx, May 1, 3.5 months); 2013 Gabriela Eggimann (postdoctoral July 1, 24 months); 2014 Diana Gimenez-Ibanez (research fellow, September 1, 36 months), Anica Dose (postdoctoral, November 1, 11 months), Ruveyda Kikic (June 14) and Laura Ferreras and Beatriz Martinez-Burgo (visiting postgraduates, xxxx, 3 and 6.5 and 5 months); 2015 Lucas Grigolato (visiting postgraduate, xxxx, March 2, 3 months)

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