Mike Crampton's Research Group

[Mr Michael Richard Crampton took up a lectureship in physical chemistry at Durham in October 1965 in anticipation of being awarded a Ph.D. in the following year. Dr Crampton's lectureship was dormant during his twelve-month tenure - from October 1969 - of a fellowship at Brandeis University (USA). He became successively senior lecturer (1981) and reader (1991). In retirement (from 2006), he lives in Durham.]

Group members, by year of joining (on October 1 unless stated) (Each postgraduate listed obtained the qualification shown.)

1967 Mukhtar A. El-Ghariani Ph.D. (i.e. started a Ph.D. study period of 36 months full-time)[for MAE, the final 12 were supervised by Lyn Williams]; 1970 Hassan Khan Ph.D.; 1972 Michael Willison Ph.D.; 1977 Brenda Gibson Ph.D.; 1978 Ahmed D.A. Aruri and David N. Brooke Ph.D.s, Colin Greenhalgh (Departmental technical support shared with the Lyn Williams group: 80% of 37.5 h/wk to 1986, 20% in 1987-2001; CG's remaining hours went on applying information technology to the Department's general needs); 1980 Paul J. Routledge Ph.D.; 1983 Aidan P. Cooney Ph.D.; 1986 John K. Scranage Ph.D., Francisca Barcelo (visiting professor, E/Mallorca/Baleares Univ., July 2, 3 months); 1987 Paula C.M.F. Castilho and James A. Stevens Ph.D.s; 1988 Simon E. Elsegood Ph.D.; 1989 Javed Hamid Ph.D.; 1991 Rachel A. Chamberlin Ph.D.; 1992 Simon D. Lord Ph.D.; 1993 Gaynor Duffield Ph.D.; 1994 Ian A. Robotham Ph.D.; 1996 Kathryn H. Brown Ph.D.; 1997 Linda M. Gibbons and Lynsey C. Rabbitt Ph.D.s; 2000 Anthony J. Holmes (postdoctoral, 12 months), Ian J. Smith Ph.D., L. Leandro, visiting postdoctoral, April 17, 6 months); 2001 Chukwuemeka Isanbor (postdoctoral, 12 months), David Parkin (Ph.D. study started 1999 under Lyn Williams' supervision, transfer occurred after 24 months) and Christophe Grosjean Ph.D.s; 2003 Basim H. Asghar Ph.D.; 2004 Chukwuemeka Isanbor (postdoctoral, May 4, 3 months).

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