Jim Emsley's Research Group

[Dr James William Emsley worked at Durham as a research assistant for two years Geoff Coates' Research Group before being promoted to a lectureship in chemistry in October 1964. Three years later he left to take up a lectureship at Southampton University. Professor Emsley retired in 1999 and remains research-active.]

Group members

1963 Leslie Phillips (ICI postdoctoral fellow - final holder: for predecessor see Geoff Coates' Research Group, 1962) from October 1 for 24 months.

Jim Emsley was Durham's first researcher in molecular spectroscopy. He specialised in nuclear-magnetic resonance and coped with a shortage of research students by publishing alone and with established research-group leaders at Durham (David Clark, Geoff Coates) or elsewhere. His publications while at Durham showed how measurements of chemical shifts and coupling constants of model compounds can be correlated with bond order and molecular structure, and can be used to test the predictions of bonding theory. He is one of the founding editors of the continuing series Progress in nuclear-magnetic resonance spectroscopy; the first three volumes had been published by the year he left Durham.

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