Ilya Kuprov's Research Group

[Dr Ilya Kuprov left a Magdalen College research fellowship at Oxford University to begin a fixed-term lectureship (5 years) in chemistry at Durham in 2007 on September 1. On being awarded a 5-year fellowship, from 2009 October 1, by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council he chose to hold it at Oxford, moving from there at its close to become an associate professor of chemical physics at Southampton University.]

Group membership and duration, by year of joining (on October 1 unless stated)

2008 Matthew Krzystyniak (postdoctoral, 12 months). [In 2008 also, Gareth Charnock began a 39-month full-time Ph.D. study period; after 12 months he moved to Oxford. His Ph.D. registration was transferred there; its outcome is not implied here.]

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