Hugh Munro's Research Group

[Dr Hugh Semple Munro took up a lectureship in chemistry at Durham in October 1983. At the end of 1988, he left for a career of industrial research into the spectroscopy and applications of surface coatings.]

Group members by year of joining (on October 1 unless stated) (Each postgraduate listed obtained the qualifications shown.)

1983 Andrew H.K. Fowler and Stephen (Arthur) Johnson and Rosemary Wilson (all three joined September 1; Ph.D. study started 1981 in David Clark's group, transfer occurred after 23 months) and Clare Till Ph.D.s (i.e. a study period of 36 months full-time); 1984 Robert D. Short Ph.D.; 1985 Graham R. Eyre and D. Ian McBriar Ph.D.s, Hirotsugu K. Yasuda (visiting professor, USA/MO/Rolla/MissouriUniv.MatrlsResh., April 11, 16 months); 1986 Richard J. Ward Ph.D. (on 1 January 1989, supervision was transferred to Robin Harris); 1987 Susan A. Walker Ph.D. (on 1 January 1989, supervision was transfered to Jim Feast), Hardy S.O. Chan (visiting fellow, SGP/SingaporeNatnlUniv., April 1, 4 months); 1988 Alexander G. Shard Ph.D. (on 1 January 1989, supervision was transferred to JasPal Badyal), Eugene Khor (visiting fellow, SGP/SingaporeNatnlUniv., April 26, 1 month), Franco Bottino (visiting professor, I/Catania Univ, October 17, 1 month).

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