Harry Shearer's Research Group

[Dr Harrison Massey Macdougall Shearer took up a lectureship in crystallography at Durham in 1959, becoming senior lecturer in 1967. He died in service in 1979, aged 55. (More career details are at Chemistry in Britain, 1980 April, 18 issue 4.)]

Group members by year of joining (Each postgraduate mentioned obtained the qualification shown.)

1959 Peter W.R. Corfield Ph.D. (i.e. on October 1 started a Ph.D. study period of 36 months full-time); 1963 George W. Anderson and Joan Willis Ph.D.s; 1964 Christopher B. Spencer Ph.D.; 1965 Patrick T. Moseley Ph.D. [D.Sc. 1994], Eric S. Raper M.Sc. unattached (i.e. on October 1 started an M.Sc. study period of 24 months while in full-time employment outside the University); 1966 Michael L. Schneider and John Twiss Ph.D.s; 1967 Christopher B. Spencer (research fellow, 12 months), R. Edward Oughtred M.Sc. unattached; 1969 J. David Sowerby Ph.D.; 1972 Ivan Rayment Ph.D.; 1974 R. Graham Whitehead Ph.D. unattached (i.e. on October 1 started a Ph.D. study period of 72 months while in full-time employment outside the University).

George Adamson, Harry Shearer, Joan Willis and Chris Spencer in 1965 on the long-gone lawn west of the Scarbrough lecture theatre .

Harry's group in 1967 on the same lawn: Chris Spencer, Harry Shearer, Mike Schneider, Pat Moseley and John Twiss.

Anyone with questions about the above images, kindly submitted by our alumni,should contact chemistry.alumni@durham.ac.uk

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