Graham Martin's Research Group

[Mr Graham Robert Martin was appointed to a lectureship in radiochemistry in 1949 and to a readership in 1957. In 1964 he was appointed as an inaugural professor of chemistry in the University of Kent at Canterbury, where he worked until retirement in 1981. He died in 1989, aged 69. More career details are supplied by R.F. Hudson and K. Wade in Chemistry in Britain, 1990, 26, 449.]

Group members by year of joining (Each postgraduate listed achieved the qualifications shown.)

1947 Raymond W. Durham Ph.D. (i.e. on October 1 started a Ph.D. study period of 36 months full-time); 1948 Mino Green [D.Sc. 1963] and John R. Richards and Harry C. Sutton Ph.D.s; 1950 A.R. Mathieson M.Sc. (i.e. on October 1 started an M.Sc. study period of 12 months full-time); 1952 John Brown Ph.D.; 1953 Norman Sutin (ICI postdoctoral fellow, 36 months - for predecessor see Fritz Paneth's Research Group, 1949, for successor, see 1958 below), M. Daniels and Desmond Hall Ph.D.s, Peter G. Saunders M.Sc., Heinrich Waenke (research assistant, 12 months); 1954 John Wilkinson (postdoctoral, 24 months); 1955 Neil T. Mitchell Ph.D., Robin H. James (research assistant, 12 months); 1956 Robin H. James Ph.D., Malladi N. Shastri (started April 1) Ph.D.; 1957 David J. Silvester (associated fixed-term lecturer, 12 months), John H. Davies and R. Mahadiva Iyer Ph.D.s; 1958 Ian C. McNeill (ICI postdoctoral fellow, 36 months - for predecessor see 1953 above, for successor see Geoff Coates' Research Group, 1962), David J. Silvester Ph.D.; 1959 Robert Blackburn Ph.D., Jessie R. McNeill (research assistant, 12 months); 1960 Kenneth Fish (postdoctoral, 36 months), D.B. Mounter and K.H. Pannell M.Sc.s; 1961 Anthony R. Burn Ph.D., Ching C. Chan M.Sc.; 1962 John D. Hemingway (research fellow, 24 months), Brian W. East Ph.D.; 1963 Colin G.B. Williams Ph.D. [final 9 months at Kent, Durham registration retained].

The group operated within the Londonderry Laboratory for Radiochemistry, which consisted of more than one research group. At the time of the photographs below, the other contributing groups were led by Sam Lyle and Mike Weston. Their pages will show names of additional personnel of the Laboratory.

Londonderry Laboratory for Radiochemistry staff and graduate students, circa 1959. Click 1959 to enlarge.

Back row from left to right: Sam Lyle (lecturer), Jim Forrest, Graham Martin (reader in radiochemisty, Head of the Laboratory) and Harry Fettis (glassblower). Middle row: Mike Weston (lecturer), Bob Blackburn, Ed Whitley, John Davies, Bob Oliver, Mahadiva Iyer and Bob McNeill (ICI fellow). Front row: ? (secondee from Brazil), Jessie McNeill (secretary) and Mrs Martin.

Bob Blackburn in the Radiochemistry section working on a complicated bit of glassware. This picture is in the Geographical Magazine for Nov.1959 (vol. XXXII no.6).

Radiochemistry cricket team, 1958 taken at Houghall playing field. Click 1958 to enlarge.

Back row from left to right: Sam Lyle (lecturer), John Davies, Mike Weston (lecturer), Bob Blackburn, Mahadiva Iyer, Bob Oliver (lab technician), Jimmy James and Harry Richmond (known as Harry 'Brass', workshop); Front row: Neil Mitchell, Malladi Shastri and Harry Fettis (known as Harry 'Glass', glassblower). Bob Blackburn, contributing in July 2011, recalls cricketing for fun as follows.

“We played the Physics Dept. and I remember that we lost badly, because they had a Korean guy who'd played baseball and we couldn't stop him hitting sixes!”

For a photograph of researchers associated with the Laboratory in 1951, see the page for Fritz Paneth's Research Group

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