Gerald Brooke's Research Group

[Dr Gerald Martin Brooke took up a lectureship at Durham in 1962, becoming senior lecturer (1984) and then reader (1997), before resigning in 2001. He continues to live in Durham.]

Group members by year of joining (on October 1 unless stated). (Each postgraduate listed obtained the qualification shown.)

1962 Thomas Smith Ph.D. (i.e. on October 1 started a Ph. D. study period of 36 months full-time); 1963 R.J.Desmond Rutherford Ph.D.; 1964 Brian S. Furniss and M. Abdul Quasem Ph.D.s; 1970 Roy King Ph.D; 1971 Alan C. Young (postdoctoral, from October 1 for 36 months; see also Dick Chambers' Research Group); 1974 David H. Hall Ph.D.; 1977 Derek I. Wallis Ph.D., Nigel S. Robson M.Sc. (i.e. on October 1 started an M.Sc. study period of 12 months full-time); 1981 Alan G. Morpeth M.Sc.; 1982 Frank D. Benke M.Sc.; 1983 J.A.K. Jamie Ferguson Ph.D., John R. Cooperwaite M.Sc.; 1986 Simon D. Mawson Ph.D.; 1988 Martin F. Woolley Ph.D.; 1990 Christopher J. Drury Ph.D.; 1991 David G. Proctor (postdoctoral, from November 3 for 23.9 months); 1993 Christopher J. Drury and, from November 24, Shahid Mohammed (postdoctorals, for 27 and 34.5 months), Simon Burnett M.Sc.P/T (i.e. on October 1 started an M.Sc. study period of 24 months part-time while a research technician for the group); 1998 Adrian Harden (postdoctoral, from January 19 for 17 months), J.A. Hugh MacBride (postdoctoral, from June 1 for 14.7 months); 1999 Christopher Farren (postdoctoral, from December 1 for 6.4 months).

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