George Christie's research group

[Dr George Hallatt Christie moved from an assistant lectureship at Bristol University to a lectureship in chemistry at Durham in 1926. He was acting Head of Chemistry from 1942-1945. In 1947 he became a senior lecturer. He died in service in 1965, aged 65.]

Dr Christie's postgraduate work at Sheffield (Ph.D. 1922) produced five often-cited publications in Journal of the Chemical Society Transactions (such as 1922, 121, 614-620; 1923, 123, 779-785 & 1948-1951) about hindered rotation in substituted biphenyls.

At Durham he undertook the wartime supervision of a postgraduate, Minnie Bell, whose title for a M.Sc. thesis was approved in January 1945. The issue of her pass list, in January 1947, signalled the first female higher-degree graduate through research at Durham.

Otherwise, George Christie left research at Durham to his colleagues. He dedicated his lectureship entirely to undergraduates - their admission, teaching [organic chemistry (see for example The 50's, undergraduate memories) and German for chemists], welfare and discipline. He served as the Department's unofficial academic administrator. [Obituaries W.A. Prowse, University of Durham Gazette new series, 1964-1965, 12, 6-7 (3: 1965, June 20); G.E. Coates, Chemistry in Britain, 1966, 2, 24.]

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