Ben Davis' Research Group

[Dr Benjamin Guy Davis took up a lectureship in chemistry at Durham in September 1998 and left, with his research group, in 2001 (September 30) to take up a chair in chemistry at Oxford University. His election to fellowship of the Royal Society of London dates from May 2015.]

Group members and duration, by year of joining

1999 Michael A.T. Maughan Ph.D. (i.e. a successful study period of 36 months full-time; started October 1; final 12 months supervised by Neil Cameron). [In 1999 on October 1 also, Mark A. Robinson and Sarah J. Ward began full-time 36-month Ph.D study periods; their final 12 months were at Oxford, registration was transferred there, outcome not implied here. Likewise, a year later, Timothy M. Chapman and Rona E. McDonald began Ph.D. study periods; their final 24 months were at Oxford; registration transferred there, outcome not implied here.]; 2000 Elizabeth J. Grayson, associated half-time senior demonstrator (half-time honorary postdoctoral, March 1, 13 months), Viviane Boyer (January 24, 20.2 months, contract transferred to Oxford) and Renaud Villard (February 28, 16 months) and Philip. M. Rendle (July 3, 6.1 months) and Andreas Seger, September 6, 11.2 months; all postdoctorals); 2001 Elizabeth Grayson, associated half-time senior demonstrator (half-time research fellow, April 1, 6 months).

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