AnnMarie O'Donoghue's Research Group

Dr AnnMarie C. O'Donoghue, Physical Organic Chemistry, Organic and Biological Reaction Mechanisms, Organocatalysis

Group membership and duration, by year of joining (on October 1 unless stated) [A postgraduate member is listed on obtaining the qualification shown - the Chemistry Department's latest review of qualifications was made in 2015 on November 12. Names of non-postgraduate members come from the Department's summary in 2015 on August 14.]

2005 Eleanor M. Higgins (started study in 2003 at Dublin, Univ.Coll., transferred after 24 months) and Barry J. Dodd and Michelle J. O'Mahoney (both started study in 2004 at Dublin, Univ.Coll, transferred after 12 months) and Anita G. Lindsay (new starter) Ph.D.s (i.e. successful Ph.D. study periods of 36, 39, 39 and 39 months full-time); [On 2004, August 1, the standard Ph.D. full-time study period for chemistry at Durham was increased from 36 months to 39 months.] 2007 Chukwuemeka Isanbor (postdoctoral, August 1, 25 month), John Richard (visiting professor, xxxx, May 2, 1 month), Enrique Rivieros-Santiago (visiting postgraduate, xxxx, March 1, 5 months) 2008 Richard J. Delley (supervision shared with David Hodgson) Ph.D.; Lamu Nnamonu (visiting postgraduate, xxxx, September 30, 13 months); 2009 Richard S. Massey Ph.D.; 2014 Przemyslaw Wolfram (visiting postgraduate, xxxx, January 13, ? months); 2015 Abimbola M. Olatunde (visiting lecturer, WAN/Ibadan/Univ., July 27, 3.2 months);

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