Andrew Beeby's Research Group

Dr Andrew Beeby

Group members, by year of joining (on October 1 unless stated) (A postgraduate member is listed on obtaining the qualification shown - the Chemistry Department's latest review of qualifications was made in 2014 on June 30. The addition of names of non-postgraduate members awaits the Department's confirmation of membership dates.)

1994 Catherine J. Coultous and Claire F. Stanley Ph.D.s (i.e. a successful Ph.D. study period of 36 months full-time); 1995 Alison J. Wigman Ph.D.; 1997 Allison E. Jones Ph.D.; 1998 Lisa M. Bushby Ph.D.; 1999 Simon Fitzgerald Ph.D.; 2000 Sylvia L. Bettington Ph.D.; 2001 Karen S. Findlay M.Sc. (i.e. a successful M.Sc. study period of 12 months full-time); 2002 Karen S. Findlay and Simon R. Rutter Ph.D.s; [On 2004, August 1, the standard Ph.D. full-time study period for chemistry at Durham was increased from 36 months to 39 months.] 2005 Lucas M.S.G. Applegarth Ph.D.; 2006 Ben A. Coombs Ph.D.; 2009 Robert M. Edkins Ph.D.

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