Dr Alexander Macbeth's Research Group

[Dr Alexander Killen Macbeth left a senior lectureship at St Andrew's University to take up in 1924 at readership level a lectureship in organic chemistry at Durham, one of three chemistry posts created for the new Department of Pure Science. (For the others, see Irvine Masson's Research Group). In 1928, Macbeth left for Australia to become the second holder of the professorship of chemistry at Adelaide University, where his name lives on at the Macbeth Lecture Theatre in the Badger Building for chemistry. He retired in 1955 and died in 1957 aged 67. (Image courtesy of Adelaide University)]

Three postgraduates moved from St Andrews with AK, whose D.Sc. was from Queen's University Belfast. One, W.B Orr, submitted his thesis at Durham and was awarded a Ph.D. in 1926, the first for the Department. Another spent 1924-7 at Durham without being awarded a Ph.D and the third was at Durham for one academic year only (1924-5). The group published eight research papers from Durham.

While at Durham, Dr Macbeth lived in South Street with his wife and twin sons.


1. The University of Durham (Durham Division) Department of Science Record of the Period October, 1924 to December, 1937 (printed booklet). 2. University of Durham Gazette, new series, 4 (1956-7), 6, 1957 June,3-4.

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