Alan Kenwright's Research Group


[Dr Alan Michael Kenwright - BSc Nottingham, PhD East Anglia (supervisors Professors Robin Kingsley Harris and Kenneth John Packer) - began work at Durham University (1987) in the Industrial Research Laboratories, doing contract research for industry and helping to deliver the national solid-state nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) service funded by the Government’s Engineering and Physical Science Research Council. In 1989 he joined the Durham University component of the newly-formed Interdisciplinary Research Centre (IRC) in Polymer Science and Technology as a research fellow reporting to Professor Jim Feast. He set up the IRC's solution-state NMR facility while maintaining an active interest in solid-state NMR. From 1995 until resignation he was employed by Durham University as manager of the Chemistry Department’s solution-state NMR service, initially as a senior research officer. His contribution to research and teaching in the Department was recognised in 2008 by installation as reader on October 1. His research interests, which gave rise to over 100 publications, centred on the application of NMR techniques to a wide range of chemical problems, with particular interest in the characterisation of paramagnetic lanthanide complexes, the study of diffusion in liquid samples where very high proton concentrations produce radiation damping that complicates measurements, and the use of pulse sequences to extend diffusion measurements to three-dimensional spectra such as HMQC-DOSY. His resignation took effect in 2019 on June 30.]

Group membership and duration, by year of joining (on October 1 unless stated) [A postgraduate member is listed on obtaining the qualification shown - the Chemistry Department's latest review of qualifications was made in 2014 on June 30. Names of non-postgraduate members come from the Department's summary in 2015 on August 14.]

2001 Catherine F. Heffernan M.Sc. P/T (i.e. a successful M.Sc. study period of 24 months part-time); 2005 Martin Khoabane M.Sc. (i.e. a successful M.Sc. study period of 12 months full-time)

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