Professor Harris studied at Magdalene College, Cambridge (U.K.) for his degrees – a B.A in Natural Sciences and a Ph.D. (supervised by Dr. Norman Sheppard) on the subject “High-resolution NMR spectroscopy”. He was awarded a Sc.D. by Cambridge in 1978 on the basis of his research publications. Following his doctorate he spent two years as a research fellow at the Mellon Institute, Pittsburgh. He subsequently became a lecturer at the then-new University of East Anglia, where he rose to the position of Professor. His first period of sabbatical leave was spent at the University of Utah with Professor Dave Grant studying 13C NMR before the days of FT. In 1984 he moved to take charge of the Physical & Theoretical Chemistry Section of the Chemistry Department at the University of Durham, where since 2002 he has held the title of Emeritus Professor. From the early 1980s until 2004 he directed a national solid-state NMR research service for U.K. universities and industry. His research interests concern the development and chemical applications of NMR. After a productive decade and a half working on solution-state NMR (especially on spectral analysis and the use of the 29Si nucleus), he jointly pioneered in the U.K. (with Dr. Ken Packer) the crosspolarisation, magic-angle spinning techniques for obtaining high-resolution NMR spectra of solids. His research since then has involved a wide range of chemical areas, and has included the use of heavy-metal spin-½ nuclei, spinning sideband analysis, polymorphism and (latterly) NMR crystallography. He has published over 500 research papers and co-authored a textbook entitled “NMR: A Physicochemical View”. He is senior editor-in-chief of the 9-volume “Encyclopedia of NMR”, which is now on-line and in the process of being continually updated. The RSC gave Professor Harris its awards for “Chemical Instrumentation” (1985) and for “Analytical Spectroscopy” (1998). [This biographical note was compiled in 2008.]

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