Do you have a story from your postgraduate days you'd like to share? Send it to us How to Contribute, suggesting where it might fit best - here or decades or research groups.

To find the names of higher-degree graduates by year (1924-2002) and the titles of their theses, scroll down to show the sidebar on the left of this page and click the appropriate pdf icon. For information about a specific surname, use the Search box at top left.

Durham University's library displays on-line copies of unconfined theses accessioned from 2009 (October 1). Chemistry theses are here. As resources permit, unconfined earlier theses are being digitised. Although on-line searches by author and subject are unavailable currently, you can search on-line by accession year here.

[Photographs of annual intakes of postgraduates began in 1977 and hard-copy montages were produced, with a copy of each archived, until July 2005, by which time all photography had become digitised. Photography of annual intakes continued and the archive remains, with its images confined to the Chemistry Department.]

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