1) In 1960, the Polish artist Marek Żuławski (1908–1985; worked in London from 1938) was commissioned by Durham University's buildings committee, on the recommendation of the professors of Chemistry (Geoffrey Coates) and Geology (Kingsley Dunham, FRS) at the time, to create the mural Crystals in magma. A thin section of basalt obtained from north-west Scotland inspired the artist to produce an image of crystals of feldspar growing with pyroxene and olivine in a glowing melt. The mural was installed in 1961 on the concourse wall facing the main (Stockton Road) entrance to the first stage (1960) of the new Chemistry-Geology Building.
As a consequence of the building of Chemistry-Geology stage 4, the mural was translated in July 1997 to the upper landing of the stairwell at the east end of Chemistry-Geology stage 2 (completed in 1964).
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