Johnston, resident in Durham from 1826, was active in the British Association for the Advancement of Science from its foundation in 1831 and his influence in northeast England was wide. For more about that influence, click here. Focus on the central column, looking to either side also for the years 1833, 1837, 1847a, 1848 and 1853a.
An award from the trust set up at Johnston's death equipped the newly built, coeducational Johnston chemical laboratory (1888) at Newcastle, where - as you will read later in History under Durham invests in Newcastle (1871-1883) - Durham University's education of science undergraduates was pursued exclusively from 1871 to 1924. A second award (1899) built the Johnston Technical Schoola at Durham, coeducational also and forerunner of Durham Johnston Comprehensive School.

a. Robson, M., Book: A history of Durham Johnston School (1998).

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