Professor Kenneth Wade

Ken Wade passed away in 2014 on Sunday March 16th. Some of his many contributions to the Durham Chemistry Department and his research achievements are described in the articles below.

The text of Jim Feast's oration at a gala dinner in Durham Castle when Ken was awarded the Chancellor's Medal in 2012 on March 7 by Durham University, following nomination by Emeritus Professor Sir Arnold Wolfendale FRS, is here.

An article written by Ron Snaith to mark Ken's 65th birthday in 1997 is here.

Todd Marder's introduction to the Royal Society of Chemistry Dalton Transactions 75th-birthday special edition in 2007 is here.

The text of an after-dinner speech given at Grey College by Rab Mulvey at the 2008 symposium in Durham to celebrate Ken's 75th birthday in the previous year on October 13 is here.

Ken's description in 2009 of his part in the 1950s space race is at “Bonding with Boron

Alan Welch's article in 2013 describes the significance and impact of Wade's Rules, first described in Ken's 1971 J. Chem. Soc. D article “Wade Chem.Comm.”.

Ken's publications to 2012 are here.

Ken's last webpage statement of research interests is here.

Some reflections from Ken's friends and colleagues are here.

Some Departmental photos of Ken are here.

Martyn Poliakoff has produced a you-tube video about Ken, which is here.

Ken's research stimulated a tribute symposium in December 2014 at Durham, outlined here, and a Royal Society of Chemistry publication of a themed collection of papers (November 2015; Dalton Transactions). The collection can be viewed here.

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