Hatfield Men Graduation Day 1956. Left to right: Barry Laidler, Mike Bywater, George Calvin, Brian Shillake and Ian Nichol. All read Chemistry except Ian Nichol, who read Geology.

Graduating in 1957; Click 1957 to identify the people!

Radiochemistry cricket team, 1958 taken at Houghall playing field. Click 1958 to enlarge.

Back row from left to right: Sam Lyle (Chemistry lecturer), John Davies, Mike Weston (Radiochemistry lecturer), Bob Blackburn, RM Iyer, Bob Oliver (lab technician), Jimmy James, and Harry Richmond (known as Harry 'Brass', workshop); Front row: Neil Mitchell, ? Shastri (help us identify your old friend), and Harry Fettis (known as Harry 'Glass', glassblower).

“We played the Physics Dept. and I remember that we lost badly, because they had a Korean guy who'd played baseball and we couldn't stop him hitting sixes!”

Londonderry Laboratory for Radiochemistry staff and graduate students, circa 1959. Click 1959 to enlarge.

Back row from left to right: Sam Lyle, Jim Forrest, Graham Martin (Reader in Radiochemisty, Head of the department), and Harry Fettis. Middle row: Mike Weston, Bob Blackburn, Ed Whitley, John Davies, Bob Oliver, RM Iyer, and Bob McNeil (ICI fellow); Front row: ?(secondee from Brazil, help us identify your old friend), Jessie McNeil, and Mrs Martin.

Bob Blackburn in the Radiochemistry section working on a complicated bit of glassware. This picture is in the Geographical Magazine for Nov.1959 (vol. XXXII no.6).

Anyone with questions about the above text and images, kindly submitted by our alumni,should contact chemistry.alumni@durham.ac.uk

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