Images from the 90's

Phil Coates, Graham Sandford, Antony Luke (postgraduates) and Ken Durose (Physics lecturer) in 1990 at Hayesdale Lodge The 80's & 2000-2009 during the first of the decade's annual weekends there (1990-3,1995-9).

Jim Denness (postdoc), Fiona Calder-Smith, Chris Drury and Luke Collie (postgraduates) in 1992 at a Manchester wedding.

Phil Dyer and Christine Aherne in 1994 in upper Eskdale, Lake District.

Alan Gilbert and George Bates in 1994 on Liathach, north-west Scotland.

Andrew Edwards, Matthew Sparrowhawk, Julian Vaughan and Anwar Gilani in 1996 during one of the decade's Hayesdale Lodge weekends.

After Claire Bilton's viva in 1999 (left to right) Prof. Judith Howard, Prof. Mark Wilson, Claire Bilton and Prof. Jon Steed who was the External Examiner.

Anyone with questions about these images, kindly submitted by alumni, should contact

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