Photos in the 80's

Graduating in 1984 - Chemistry; Joint-Honours Chemistry* (82-83 photo); click 1984 to enlarge.

[*Applied Physics & Chemistry; Chemistry & Zoology.]

Graduating in 1984 - General Science with Chemistry P1 (82-83 photo)

[#2,5,6 included Chemistry P2.]

Graduating in 1985 - Chemistry; Joint-Honours Chemistry - 1* (83-84 photo); click 1985 to enlarge.

[*Applied Physics & Chemistry.]

Graduating in 1985 - Joint-Honours Chemistry - 2* (83-84 photo)

[*Botany & Chemistry.]

Graduating in 1985 - Natural Sciences ordinary with Chemistry O1 (83-84 photo)

[None photographed included Chemistry O2. Only D.G. Hesketh did.]

Graduating in 1986 - Chemistry; Nat.Sciences with Chemistry A1 - 1* (84-85 photo); click 1986 to enlarge.

[*On time for the main photograph.]

Graduating in 1986 - Chemistry; Nat.Sciences with Chemistry A1 - 2* (84-85 photo); click 1986_1 to enlarge.

[*Too late for the main photograph.]

Graduating in 1986 - Natural Sciences with Chemistry O2

[See Graduating in 1986 - Chemistry; Nat.Sciences with ChemyA1:yr2 photos 1 (#37,46) & 2 (#65).]

Graduating in 1987 - Chemistry; Nat. Sciences with Chemistry A1 - 1* (85-86 photo); click 1987 to enlarge.

[*On time for the main photograph.]

Graduating in 1987 - Chemistry; Nat.Sciences with Chemistry A1 - 2*(85-86 photo); click 1987_1 to enlarge.

[*Too late for the main photograph.]

Graduating in 1987 - Nat. Sciences with Chemistry O1 (85-86 photo)

[#1 included ChemyO2; graduated in 1988. For the 1987 graduation with ChemyO2, see Graduating in 1987 - Chemistry/Nat.Sciences with ChemyA1: photo 2(#80).]

[In the eighties, the assembly of undergraduates for group photographs in October at the start of their second year became increasingly difficult; after 1986, the grouping of second-year undergraduates for photography was abandoned in favour of individual photographs of undergraduates at the start of their first and second years. An annual montage was formed for students in each year and a hard copy of each montage was archived. The systematic archiving ended in July 2005, by which time all photography had become digitised. Start-of-year photography was continued and the archive remains, with its images unavailable outside the Chemistry Department]

Soccer Hall of Fame

David Parker writes “A celebrated 1986 football team: unbeatable…

Lenny Lauchlan (usually injured), David Parker (midfield genius), Rab Mulvey (prolific centre forward, KW PDRA), Martin Salisbury (RDC PhD student), Ralph Plumb (the one good player, technician and ex semi-pro), Martin Bryce (goalie, note the foam shinnies), Steve Davies (MRB PhD student, 85-88)”

League winners 1988/89. Dr Keith Dillon, postgraduates Jon Cox, Adrian Moore, Andrew Craig and Dr David Parker.

Over hill, over dale

Departmentally-fostered interest in the outdoors continued from the seventies The 70's, with day visits by coach to Hadrian's Wall (1981, 1984) and Borrowdale (1983). Self-catering weekends, using a combination of minibus and private cars, became more popular. Most of the images below come from visits to Troutbeck School (1980, 1982, 1984), Ambleside Youth Hostel (1983) and then annually (1985-9) to Hayesdale Lodge near Brothers Water. For more on the Over hill, over dale theme click Images from the 90's.

Tom Meyer, David Brooke and Kevin Arnold in 1980.

Brian Grievson, Euan Ross (administrator), Cathy Cross, Jocelyn Core, Steve Bryan, Helen McAndrew, David Brooke, Ian Gorrell, Rob Green (IT support), Joe Howard (lecturer) and Masayuki Tamura in 1983. Jackie Nicol is the only party member not on the photograph.

Peter Lux, Fabienne Delange (postdoc), Karen Matthes, Ian Appleyard, Rob Green (IT support) and Ian Gorrell in 1984.

Mike Crookes, Richard Morphy and André Chissel in the Howgill Fells (1986).

Patrick Nicholson, Simon Wait, Simon Mawson and Andrew Craig in 1988.

Anyone with questions about these images, kindly submitted by alumni, should contact

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