Over hill, over dale in 2002: Mark Allen, Michael Paterson, Aileen Congreve, Alessandra Badari, Gabriella Bobba, Simon Welsh (postdctoral; the others are postgraduates), Andrew Wilkinson and Hayley Wan near Cotherstone on their return from a Hayesdale Lodge weekend. Weekends there in 2004 and 2007 concluded this strand of Chemistry Department history The 70's.

Jacquie Robson nee Burke and Ben Coapes at their Graduation 2002

Rachel Roberts, Paul Low (lecturer), Katie Gatenby and Carl Barker at the M.Sci. Graduation 2002

click here for more pictures in the 00's

Anyone with questions about these images, kindly submitted by alumni, should contact chemistry.alumni@durham.ac.uk

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