Chemistry Newsletters

The Head of Department sends periodic internal newsletters around the Department to update staff and students on recent successes. Recent newsletters are appended below in case they are of interest to alumni. An archive of older newsletters back to August 2009 is in the newsletter archive.

Chemistry News 045 – 18/11/14

This is my first Chem News, after taking over from John Evans as Head of Department in August. After 5 years in post, we are very grateful for all John has done has Head of Department, and I wish him all the best for the years to come; most immediately for a well-earned research leave position in Sydney. New PhD training opportunities

The start of the new term saw our first students arriving on the SOFI CDT. SOFI stands for Soft Matter and Functional Interfaces and the centre for doctoral training will underpin future science across a wide range of manufacturing in the UK. The CDT is a joint venture with Leeds and Edinburgh funded by the EPSRC and with over 18 industrial partners. October also saw new European postgraduate students arrive, funded by three new European International Training Networks (ITNs). FLUOR21, led by Graham Sandford and Steve Cobb, links seven leading institutes and four companies across Europe which are working in complementary fields of fluorine within the Life Sciences. The MICSED ITN is a research collaboration between Durham University and Procter and Gamble (P&G) led by John Evans, which aims to deliver the theoretical and experiments tools needed to enable sustainable innovations in Hygiene, Laundry and Personal Care products. Grant news

Some recent awards Lian Hutchings £297834 (EPSRC equipment bid for SOFI CDT) Mark Wilson £31500 Modelling Surfactant Phase Behaviourism Non-Aqueous Systems Ivana Evans £31762 ANSTO studentship Richard Thompson £96374 Structure property relationships of melted polymer from mode systems.

New Fellow

At the start of Oct, Robert Pal moved onto a Royal Society University Research Fellowship. Robert of course is well-known to us having worked with David Parker and having been Director of Research and Development Director of the successful spin-out company FScan Ltd. Robert's independent research focus will be on the Development and Chemical Application of Phase Modulation Nanoscopy.


At the start of term we welcomed Prof Branton Campbell to the Department. Branton is from the Department of Physics at Brigham Young University ( and has won a Fulbright Scholarship to spend a sabbatical year in Durham. Branton is working with John and Ivana while he’s here.


And a bit of bedtime reading is a Chem Comm article from Jon Steed, showing switchable hydrogelation behaviour that is turned off by metal ion coordination to give anion-bound coordination complex arrays. James, S. and Perrin, A. and Jones, C. D. and Yufit, D. S. and Steed, J. W. (2014) 'Highly interlocked anion-bridged supramolecular networks from interrupted imidazole–urea gels.', Chemical communications., 50 (85). pp. 12851-12854.

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