50th Birthday Party

Work on building the first stage of new accommodation for the Chemistry Department commenced in 1958. The accommodation was occupied in time for the start of the 1960-61 academic year on October 1. Images 1 - 4 on the right show the progress of the building work and are described in the footnote1). To enlarge an image, click it once (if an empty box appears on the left, click within it). [If you wonder what has happened to the abstract mural that greeted users of the Building's Stockton Road entrance from 1961 to 1997, click marek_mural

In 2011, on September 23 and 24, the Department celebrated the completion of 50 years of chemistry in that accommodation. The celebration incorporated ideas from five earlier, smaller reunions for specific groups of alumni:
1988 Professor Kenneth Wade - paragraph 4;
1989 Ken Wade's Research Group - section 3;
2001 Dick Chambers' Research Group - section 3;
2003 Professor Randal Richards - paragraph 2;
2007 when the University invited all graduates to celebrate its first 175 years;
2008 Geoff Coates' Research Group section 3, Kenneth Musgrave's Research Group, final section.

The Department's aim in 2011 was to galvanise a continuing interest in contact among all present and former staff and students, so as to keep them informed of exciting ongoing research and to enable them to share experiences with former colleagues and other friends. A weekend of science and friendship was devised, including scientific talks, family-friendly demonstrations and activities. There were abundant opportunities to catch up and reminisce. The programme of events is linked here. Attendance at the scientific talks on Friday (23rd) exceeded 200, 190 attended the gala dinner that evening in Grey College and some 350 attended the demonstration lectures, laboratory demonstrations and exhibitions on the following day. Photos from this event are available on the Chemistry Flickr page.

- Reunion 50 Years On -

What is it that binds us to this place as to no other?

Is it the keep,

Or the deep

meander carved by the Wear,

or the chill lamp-light

on a winter’s night

in the Bailey?

Is it the church of God

wreathed in mist,

with its regular bell,

tolling the knell

of time passing,

or Prebends Bridge or Framwellgate

or the walls we scaled when we stayed out late,

or the polish scent on Hall Stair,

or the gatehouse there,

by Palace Green,

or the shades of friends from long ago

and deeds not yet forgot?

The verse above was contributed in 2011 (September) by Pat Moseley, an undergraduate 1962-5 and a postgraduate 1965-8.

[Our celebrations in 2011 made us aware of a Palatinate article, published probably in 1964 on October 30, about the opening of the Building's first two stages, following the completion and occupation of the second stage in 1964. The article is linked here; we thank Rob Shepherd (another 1962-5 undergraduate) for sending us a copy of the article.]

For subsequent reunions, see
2014, tribute symposium Ken Wade's Research Group;
2015, symposium celebrating Judith Howard's career in crystallography research Judith Howard's Research Group.

For the latest news from Chemistry, visit our Departmental Webpages.

1) From the top 1 Camera pointing north-west; west wing, room 15 (glassblowing workshop), foundations; background includes, far left, New Inn chimneys. 2 Camera pointing south-east; south wing, south-east corner, steel framework takes shape; background includes, far right, Science Laboratories Mechanical Workshop, east end, Workshop demolished 2001. 3 Camera pointing east; west and south wings with steel framework complete and awaiting encasement; background includes, centre, Mount Joy and, right, Science Laboratories Mechanical Workshop (demolished 2001). 4 Camera pointing west-north-west; south wing (foreground) and west wing, steel frameworks encased in concrete and ready for walling; background includes Dawson Building teaching laboratory with saw-toothed roof, laboratory demolished 1994.
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