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Welcome to Durham Chemistry's History and Alumni wiki pages; please note the cookie policy, linked at bottom left.

This wiki is somewhere for everybody to contribute to a celebration of the ethos of the Department and its historical context. As with any wiki it's up to the community how it develops, and to verify the accuracy of contributions. The history and Heads of Department links on the left are being used by the Department to build a formal chronological narrative; we, as the Department's current members, suggest that you join other contributors to the decades section - a place for parallel informal recollections of general life in the Department while you were a member. Stories of individual research groups are accumulating in the link for Research Groups. Other stories can go under the heading that appears most appropriate. It's up to you to contribute what you feel is best (we'll monitor but try to keep “policing” to a minimum). For help on how to contribute to this wiki please follow the How to Contribute link at top left; check 1, 2. and 3. When browsing through current contributions you might find help from the Search box - top left also, and a little higher. Use it to enter a key term, such as Jones and USA.

We store our internal newsletters on this page to give you the opportunity of keeping up with everything that's going on in the Department.

We have started a Facebook group called Department of Chemistry, Durham University: Facebook

Departmental photos from different events are in various places: several reunion events are recalled on our 50th Birthday Party page. If you want help to organise your own reunion event at Durham, go to How to Contribute and read 4.

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